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What some of our customers have to say about us:

Computer Desk Custom Aluminum Fabrication and Design

Dear SIC Metals

I was building a house and started looking for a modern computer desk.  For months I searched the Internet and talked with local fabricators and the estimates were all astronomical.  After stumbling on SIC’s web site and seeing their workbench design, I called Bruce and asked if he could make a desk sharing some concepts from the workbench.  He not only built the perfect desk for me, he did it for less money.  If you need a desk you have three options – flimsy desks from Office stores, heavy wood desks from a furniture store (that do not suit today’s PC user), or you can call SIC Metals and Fabrication and they will build a workstation suited to your needs.

John C.

Salisbury, NC

CARGOMAXXX Custom Built 5' x 8' Aluminum Trailer

Dear CARGOMAXXX Aluminum Trailers

The 5x8 CARGOMAXXX Trailer that I purchased from SIC Metals is excellent.  The quality and workmanship is 100 percent better than any trailer that I considered purchasing.  From the first day I called SIC Metals to the final day I picked it up, the customer service was great.  I have and will always recommend a CARGOMAXXX Trailer from SIC Metals.

Thank you,

Thomas N.

DuBois, PA

Trailer Marquis

Dear SIC Metals

My family and I operate a small business in Western Pennsylvania. We have always been diligent about updates, routine maintenance, and new technology with our equipment. Over the past few years, I have turned to SIC Metals & Fabrication for some specialty aluminum work. Bruce was always willing to offer a plan, at an affordable price, and have it completed in a timely manner. We have been very pleased with each job, and look forward to future business dealings.


LAM Enterprises


Lloyd S.

Western, Pa.

Dear SIC Metals,

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how happy I am about my CARGOMAXXX 6’ x 12’ all aluminum trailer that your company built for me. It was built on time for pick up and is way better than any of the trailers I’ve seen while shopping. You have added many features to the trailer as standard items. It is built better and stronger than any I have seen and still at a very fair price. Through the whole process of deciding all the aspects of how I wanted the trailer built, I called you many times you were always pleasant and helpful. You gave me good advise that helped me know what I was looking for. I towed it 300 miles to home, it was great. If I or any of my friends need a trailer built you would be the first one to call.

Thanks again for everything  --------

Rich J.

Syracuse, NY.


It was a real pleasure doing business with your company. You truly run a first class ship. I appreciate how you answered all my questions promptly and always had a solution for whatever I was trying to accomplish. The pictures on-line do not do justice for the quality of work you produce. Thank you for the first class trailer. Anything I ever need aluminum will definitely come from your company. If you ever need a customer to talk with me about your workmanship, feel free to give them my email or phone number and I will be glad to enlighten them on your quality work.
GOD bless you and your family,

Matt W.

Madison, Fl.

5 x 10 HD aluminum Utility Trailer Diamond Plate



                I just picked up my trailer today. It exceeded the pictures and my expectations. I have looked for a long time to purchase a utility trailer. I have viewed almost every make out there and learned a lot about what I did and did not want. When I reviewed these trailers, pictures, specs and pricing I found the value and quality I was looking for. I had never seen one, only pictures and it had to be manufactured, so I wondered. Today I found out that these are built by quality craftsman that take pride in what they do. They took time to answer every question I had, to extend the electrical harness to match my truck, to put my plates on, explain proper maintenance. This is a solid, well-built aluminum trailer that will provide a life time of dependable use and will be as  nice looking in ten years as it is today.

Thank you,


Bath, NY.

Treated Lumber Juggernaut series 7K Aluminum Trailer


Bruce, Just wanted to let you know we made it home safely,,,the trailer is absolutely pulls so well..thank you for the great is by far best trailer out there!!!

Donny W.




Hi Bruce,
Well, I made the haul home safe and sound,  351 miles. Trailer towed/tracked true with no issues! I am impressed with the workmanship through out the trailer and am super happy that I waited for it!! The stowaway ramps  and tongue integrated storage box are strong  assets.  You and your team take pride in what you do and the end product demonstrates that! Well done the whole way around! One minor detail adjustment to consider, the license plate braket arm should be about an inch longer as a standard plate won't mount on the bracket due to hitting the frame, you end up drilling an additional hole in your plate to make it work.
I wish you all the best!



Tube bi-fold trailer aluminum wheels LED


I ordered a trailer from SIC Metals and was very glad I did. It did take 6 weeks but, in all fairness I made some custom changes to the trailer and SIC had to wait for their supplier.
The welds were professional as is the design and materials. I have owned a lot of trailers in my life, and I must say I am very impressed with the trailer SIC Metals made. This trailer will last for many years.
I was also impressed that Mr. Reed was willing to modify the trailer the way I wanted it.
The trailer was delivered to my home by two SIC employees who were polite and professional. They took the time to point out various things about the trailer.
I would not hesitate to order another trailer from SIC Metals.
Paul R.


6.5' x 16' Aluminum Utility Trailer



I bought an Aluminum 6.5’ x 16’ 7,000 dual axle trailer w/ bi-fold ramp from you directly (6/13, Invoice *******) and am very pleased.
I wanted to ask do you make or are interested in making an aluminum single slip Boat Dock?  Approximately 2 fingers at 3' x 18’ hitched to a main platform of 6’ x 16’ with a ramp.
I certainly can send you pictures of what I am looking for if needed.  
Just was wondering if this could be a win win situation for both of us. I would pick it up on the aluminum trailer you’ve already made me. 
Thank you



6' x 10' hooks specialty cargo use Aluminum Utility Trailer


I have owned many trailers, all steel. I wanted to upgrade to aluminum, and looked at many, many trailers online and in person. I chose a custom 6 X 10 Cargomaxxx utility with solid sides and floor, a tie rail with additional side hooks, recessed tie downs in the floor, steps on both sides, a spare tire, brakes, and a bi-fold ramp. In addition, they custom-made an underfloor plate with threaded holes that perfectly line up with my removable motorcycle chock - very slick. This is a very high quality, heavy duty trailer, that is also very light. I can tow this with my Expedition or baby SUV. It tows effortlessly, and straight as an arrow. I had not seen a Cargomaxxx trailer until they delivered mine to my house. It surpassed my expectations. They do not cut corners on the build in any way. And the communications during the ordering, build, and delivery were easy with no miscues. I got exactly what I wanted, at a fair price. I highly recommend.


Upstate, NY.