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CARGOMAXXX 2017 Model Trailers Ready For Pick Up Or Delivery Scheduling and Bidding

     Here you can select a bid minimum for any trailer listed. This system allows customers to place a bid on a trailer of their choice without having to wait, so if you need a trailer within the next 2-3 weeks this is a great option. It also allows customers to purchase a trailer at a great discount!

You will recieve email confirmation of your bid. Please note that you may only bid on one trailer at a time. If you wish to bid on more than one trailer please call us at 814-221-4862 or email

You may also choose to buy the trailer now without waiting for the end of the bidding cycle by selecting other, entering the trailer size, and entering the amount of the the reserve price for the trailer. If at the end of the bid cycle you are the highest bidder then you will win the trailer regardless of the reserve price as long as your bid meets the minimum bid required.

These trailers will be ready for pick up or shipping in approximately one week after the end of the bid cycle or reserve fulfilment. Bid cycle for all trailers listed is 7 days.

Bids are updated on this site every 2 days. Be sure to check back frequently to confirm your bid position.

Winner will recieve an invoice via email when the bid cycle has ended or the reserve has been fulfilled.

You accept by bidding on the trailers listed below that you are purchasing a trailer from SIC Metals & Fabrication LLC. and that all monies are due on pick up or delivery of said trailers. If delivery is needed please contact us prior to bidding.

Please Note: There is only 1 trailer per each size available, highest bid wins.

We DO NOT accept credit cards for trailer purchases. We accept cash, certified funds and money orders.

Thank You and good luck!