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About Us and Important Information for Customers.


To all of our customers:

      Thank you for visiting CARGOMAXXX Aluminum Trailers and SIC Metals. We would like to address a few things that will hopefully help describe the type of Aluminum Trailer Manufacturer we are, as well address our product, lead times, delays and how the ordering process is done.

We would like to thank all of our customers for their support of our business and product over the years and welcome all new or potential customers to our website. We are more than happy to address any calls, concerns, questions or complaints. PLEASE be sure to leave a message when you call or send us an email

Please read the following information and FAQ's ENTIRELY before ordering a CARGOMAXXX Aluminum Trailer. We want you to be completely informed, confident and understand exactly what you are ordering and what to expect!


CARGOMAXXX Aluminum Trailers are built in Clarion, Pa.

Who buys CARGOMAXXX Aluminum Trailers?  Military, state departments, general customers, private sector customers, contractors, and the list goes on.

Where all have CARGOMAXXX Aluminum Trailers been shipped? We have trailers in the United States, Bolivia, Russia, Turkey, Siberia, Brazil, Germany, Canada, Spain, Italy and Ireland that we are currently aware of!  

SIC Metals does not stock trailers on a lot or at our factory.

SIC Metals ONLY builds custom aluminum trailers, we do not build steel trailers.

Each Trailer is built per each customer specific order, nothing is retrofitted.

Each customer is given a contract with estimated completion dates of the product.

Our trailers do come with a 7 year warranty!

We use a lot of materials, hardware and running gear that is specifically made for SIC Metals to produce CARGOMAXXX Aluminum Trailers. Some of these are not available any where else in the world. We own our extrusion dies thats are desined in house and developed specifically for our product. This assures the customer that they will receive a well built developed product that has been custom made for them.

Our trailers are produced with one thing in mind. QUALITY, QUALITY, QUALITY. Not Quantity.

Why or How can we offer a 7 year warranty? Because we know what goes into the process of our trailers. We know they will well out last the warranty. After all what good is a 1 year warranty? We are so confident in our trailers that 7 years just seems right for peace of mind for our customers.

How many trailers do you produce in a year? Well this varies dending on the size of the trailers and the complexity of the trailers. We have the capability to build 150-300 trailers a year.

How many workers do you have? We only hire the most experienced workers. Each worker is highly skilled in their trade, we will not sacrifice quality or craftsmanship for any reason. We typically, due to our strict requirements have 2-5 "full time" craftsmen, welders and cutters and a few "part time" helpers, loaders, and cleaning crew.

Are these homebuilt trailers? Absolutely not! All have Vehicle Identification Numbers and are built to regulation. You will get a title for the trailer just as you would a car when you register the trailer.

I want to buy one of these trailers but wish to do so with a credit card. What type of payments do you accept? Sorry we DO NOT accept credit and/or debit cards for trailer purchases at this time. There are too many fees associated with merchants, and if we want to continue to provide our customer with the best product at the fairest prices we can't accept the merchant fees. We do accept personal checks, company checks, money orders, cash and wire transfers.

Will you accept a trade in? Sorry we do not accept trades.

I have ordered from you in the past. Do I get a discount? OF COURSE YOU WILL! Just give us a call!


A little information on the CARGOMAXXX Aluminum Trailers brand:

CARGOMAXXX Aluminum Trailers was honestly created because of demand from our customers. Originally SIC Metals & Fabrication LLC. ( founded by Bruce Reed ) produced  aluminum holding tanks, tool boxes, shelving and other custom aluminum products. As time passed more and more customers were asking Bruce to build a trailer for them because they knew the quality of product Bruce was known for creating. He was reluctant to do so as he had in fact left the trailer industry to persue general fabrication, or so he thought. However more and more of his customers were finding out he had a great deal of experience in building custom products and trailers and continued to push the issue. Eventually Bruce gave in and agreed to build a trailer for a customer over the winter of 2010 in his then quaint 1800 sq. ft. fabrication shop. It was an instant hit with the customer and everyone who saw the trailer. Soon Bruce had more order request than he knew what to do with and had to relocate the business to our current address in Clarion, Pa. in 2012.

Moving ahead to 2012

     SIC Metals was in the new factory and ready to go having hired more workers and planning to hire some 12-15 more in the following months Bruce was on the right track. Just a few months afterwards a blow came to the company that is still being felt today. Suddenly there was an investigation launched into the manufacturing of CARGOMAXXX Aluminum Trailers by a representative from Pennsylvania. Within one day Bruce and the factory was shut down and had no information on what would happen next. Bruce had to leave all of his workers go and take the matter to the business attorney. The next few months were extremely difficult, having been informed that the factory must stop all production until the investigation was completed, this was bound to cause massive delays for our customers. Unfortunately Bruce and the company was at the mercy of the state. Surprisingly enough the entire investigation was suddenly dropped when it was discovered by Bruce and a local contact from the Pennsylvania House of Representatives that the reason the company had been shut down was indeed unlawful and had been tried in court some 8 years earlier. Unfortunately it was too late. Bruce had lost all of his workers to other employers or jobs, most of his supplier relations and a large amount of credibility and time. Not a good thing to have happen to a company that is new and trying to grow in the industry. This delay cost so much that Bruce nearly had to close the doors. Having always been a hard worker he decided to hang in there and keep going. He hired a few more people to help him get work done as quickly as possible. It seemed to be working until the complaints began to come in from the BBB, Police and Attorney General. This would prove to open a door that cannot seem to be closed no matter what. Customers who had ordered trailers were still waiting to receive them because of the unlawful shut down and were now begining to panic and believe they had been scammed.

Moving on from 2012-Present

SIC Metals is striving forward! Many changes have been made to include different suppliers, contracts, workers, design and pricing! Lead times have been greatly reduced, most trailers built from order day to pick up or delivery within 2 weeks!  We continue to increase the quality of our product and reduce lead times as much as possible, but as no trailer we produce is the same as the last one delays will never dissappear completely.


We also manufacture and supply:

CARGOMAXXX Trailer Accessory Line Made in House:
Underbed Boxes
Truck Boxes
Cargo Storage Units
Shelving (standard design or custom)
As well as a full line of products, please contact us.


All popular grades
7 through 28 gauge
Widths to 72”
Sheets up to 144” in length
Finishes include polished, 2B, bright annealed and #8 mirror finish
Other finishes and sizes readily available.

All standard grades
Plate up to 4 “ thick
Coiled plate inventory: 36, 48, 60, 72” wide
Stainless floor plate in 1/8, 3/16 and 1/4” thicknesses.

304 round, square and rectangular shapes to ornamental/structural specifications, mill finish or polished to 180 grit
304/304L welded and seamless rounds
304/304L and 316/316L welded pipe in schedules 5, 10, 40, 80
304/304L and 316/316L seamless pipe in schedule 40, 304 in schedule 80
Structurals and Extruded Shapes

Beams, channels and tees
All standard angles
Unequal leg angles
Solid and hollow extrusions in most standard sizes.


All popular alloys
Thicknesses from .020” to .249”
Widths to 72”
Standard lengths of 96”, 120” and 144”
Diamond Tread sheet and coil.

Rounds, square, hexes and rectangles
Cold finished and extruded
Tubing and Pipe.

Heat treatable, cast tooling and cast mold plate
Standard thicknesses to 16”
Widths to 60”
Standard lengths of 96”, 120”, 144”, 240” and 288”
Diamond Tread plate.

Extruded square and rectangular tubing
Extruded tube and pipe in seamless rounds
Drawn tube in seamless rounds
Structurals/Extruded Shapes

American Standard, Aluminum Association and sharp-corner structural shapes
Angles, channels, beams and tees.


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