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Welcome to SIC Metals & Fabrication LLC.

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CARGOMAXXX Aluminum Trailers.


In the aluminum trailer industry, metal industry, and manufacturing industry for more than 20 years we are a solid, well seasoned company with a great track record, having fabricated, collaborated, and designed products for such companies as Bartlebaugh Amusements, Six Flags, IBM, 928 Specialties, LEM Enterprise, Fitness Two Gyms, Several US State Government Projects, US Navy, and many more.

We strive for excellence, providing the best materials, products, and services at the best possible prices, without sacrificing quality, lead time, or compromising the quality of our materials. After all we believe that good old fashion workmanship, qualities, innovation, and client relationship are very important, and strongly overlooked in most of todays markets and industries. 

Every trailer we produce is built by hand by a team of 1-6 professionals. This way we can maximize quality and minimize the end price for our customer. Please understand that since we build all of our trailers per each individual customer order that delays can occur. Rest assured though you will receive a top quality custom built trailer that will give you years of great service!

We hope our products, services or material will be interesting or innovative to you or your company, and hope we can supply to you our materials, products, and services in the near future! We are always open to negotiate any contract or supply line.


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Our products and materials consist of, but are not limited to Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Sheet and Coil, Plate, Brass and Copper, Nickel Alloys, HR and CF Bars, Alloy Bars, Flooring, Structural Metals, Grating, Stainless Steel Sinks, Faucets, Tubing, Shelves, Pipe, Base Molding, Extruded Metals, Perforated Metals, Embossed and Stamped Metals, Grip Plate, Steel Plate, Steel tread Plate, Stainless Diamond Plate, Expanded Metal, Bar Grates, and Roofing Metals.



We deal with large and small orders on a daily basis, and specialize in Aluminum, but can custom fabricate, cut, bend, weld or design any number of items or materials in general. With our state of the art Plasma CNC and TIG Welders we can custom design, cut, weld and fabricate just about any part you need up to 1" thick materials no matter if it is 1 or 1000 parts. We here at SIC are small enough to listen, but large enough to provide you with short lead times, in house freight options, prompt knowledgable reps, products, materials, services, as well as technical services and experienced advice you may not find elsewhere.

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CARGOMAXXX Aluminum Trailers Utility and Cargo



6 x 12 aluminum utility trailer

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